Keeping people informed

How to keep people informed? It is quite a challenge because as a church our membership is spread all over Formby and beyond.

We use various methods:

A weekly newsletter

A monthly magazine

Membership-wide email

This website, including this page that can give news about forthcoming events and report back on how they went.




Tell Serve Give

St Luke’s will be having a beach mission on 9th March – open to all, young and older!
Meet us at 9.30am in the Life Boat Road car park where you will join one of two groups: one group will be clearing the boardwalk and another clearing the beach of plastic.
At 11.30 we will return to the car park where Archbishop John Sentamu will share some words about our stewardship of the planet, before heading back to church for some refreshments.
All are invited to join this fun community event!

If you want to know more about Archbishop John please click on this link.



Prayer for our
Tell Serve Give Mission

A Mission without prayer?? Impossible!
Come and join us in the important time of prayer.

Sunday, 3rd March, 2.30-3.30pm
In Church



Led this year by retired Revs. Frances Briscoe and Roy Baker, the subject will be ”Women in the Writings of Luke”. Everyone is welcome, whichever church you attend, or even if you do not normally attend a church. It will be an exciting exploration so please try to bring your Bible.

Each session will be complete in itself so it won’t matter if you are unable to attend every week. The dates are TUESDAYS 7.30 - 9pm on March 12th, 19th and 26th and April 2nd, 9th and 16th.